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Ginseng Root Prices 2014


Here’s the link to our page on 2017 Ginseng Prices .

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The 2014 ginseng prices is a discussion and information page for diggers, growers, and dealers/buyers. Prices discussed on this page are from diggers and dealer/buyers- wholesale- NOT retail prices.

Click here for more information on buying retail wild American ginseng. Retail prices on ginseng are higher than digger/dealer levels.

The rest of this page is for 2014 prices. We’ll be posting new information and updating each year so look for the current year’s prices page if the link above isn’t current any longer.

For other posts about ginseng, go here: Ginseng Headlines and Articles.

What are ginseng root prices 2014 ?

Today (10-04-14) I was informed by a local digger that area buyers have stopped buying altogether or only offering very low ginseng root prices in Kingston, AR. If you have news from your area, please leave a comment. The word from one of our local buyers is that there’s been a flood of roots to the market, likely due to the Appalachian Outlaws show prompting more digging than ever before. The protests in Hong Kong have also played a part.

New Update: Someone told me they sold roots to a buyer in Harrison, AR for around $400-500/lb on 10/25.

  • prices range from 600.00 to 750.00 Lb dry wild Seng in Ohio (10/11/14)
  • Iowa – fresh ginseng root $220/lb
  • Kentucky – dried ginseng root $700/lb (roots legally procured in Arkansas, at least, should not already be dry…)
  • Arkansas, Harrison – $550/lb on 9/25 – no longer buying at all 10/1 (market bottomed out) 10/25 – buying again $400-500/lb

If you’re a buyer and want to list your contact info in the comments, feel free to do that as well. If you happen to be a merchant in China who wants to post information from your end of the world, please do. Translate to English before posting if possible.

ginseng look alikes
Get this laminated guide to help you identify ginseng.

I’ve moved the comments from my old blog over to this one and appended them here because I didn’t think they’d carry over when I moved the blog:

22 thoughts on “2014 Ginseng Root Prices”

  1. Ray Carter
    I’m new at hunting ginseng ,Being my first year . I live in eastern Iowa .So my question is 220 a lb. for Iowa ginseng and Kentucky is getting 700 lbs???????
  2. Madison WoodsPost author
    Ray, I think I’d ask around with some other buyers within the state. Here in Arkansas prices started around $500 and they generally go up before end of buying season. Prices vary, too, based on the quality of the root and whether the price is for dry or fresh. Fresh brings about 2/3 lower, I believe.
  3. Ray Carter
    Thanks Madison for your help,Seems all buyers have different prices.
  • TNA Wild Ginseng Co
    Hello ALL,We are still buying ginseng from Bethlehem PA.Here is our current prices:
    –Wild Ginseng (dried)…$700 to $900 Per LB…10-40 Years Old …Neck: 1–3 Inches
    (Each pound of ginseng contains about 20-30% of bulby roots. The average length of neck is 2 inches )–Wild Ginseng (dried)…$900 to $1100 Per LB…10-40 Years Old …Neck: 2 inches or longer.
    (the average weight of each ginseng is about 2 grams and each pound of ginseng should contain about 200 roots)–Wild Ginseng (green)…$200 to $350 Per LB…10-40 Years Old…Neck: 1–4 Inches
    (Note: DO NOT wash the green root, once washed they will go bad)Thank you
    TNA Wild Ginseng
  1. Madison WoodsPost author
    Thank you for that update. I’m sure you’ll get some replies!
  • Melissa
    wish you were in Ohio cause your prices look good. 600-750.00 here… Maybe I should hold off , but then again prices could drop. It’s a chance we take cause ya never know about these markets. Hope ya have a Great Season
  1. gerri
    Who buys in western PA? Looking for a legal buyer.
  • Peter
    Hi,Im in the market to buy some ginseng roots. Please email me what you have. Thanks
  1. Ray Carter
    I have seven lbs. not dry yet,Very large and old roots has never been hunted around these parts. Will be selling local unless find better deal. Must be a legal sell.
  2. Peter
    Hi Ray,Can you please email at . I would like to get a price for these roots and shipping cost to Los Angeles, CA. Can you also send me some pictures. Thanks
  • matt
    3lbs wild call
  1. Peter
    Hello Matt,Thank you for your reply. Can you please email at . I would also like to know pricing and see pictures of the ginseng.
  • bobby key
    looking for dealer that is buying wild ginseng and much you are paying for A pound I live at rockfield it is outside of bowlinggreen ky if are interest on any email me back at bobby42274(at)yahoo(dot)com hope to hear from you i am looking for the best dealthank you
  1. Madison WoodsPost author
    Hey Bobby, there’s a lot of people viewing this site so someone might contact you. But I’m going to edit your email address so it’s not a link – you’ll get a lot of spam if I leave it like it is from automated things that search the web for email addresses.
Reply ↓
  • Melissa
    prices range from 600.00 to 750.00 Lb dry wild Seng in Ohio
  1. Madison WoodsPost author
    Thanks – I’ll add this to the post body.
  • Dave Woodard
    Who is paying $1,100 with 2″ neck? My friends are finding some up to 11 1/2 and 2″ round all the way down!! We have sold 37 lbs in VA. Where can I take it to get more! Your help would be much appreciated!I would love to find better prices for next year. We still have 2 areas to go in this year.Dave
  1. Madison WoodsPost author
    Hi Dave, no one is buying at all in our area of northwest Arkansas. In the comments there were a couple of posters who listed contact information you could check with.
  • Jen
    Hi, I’m buying for personal and friend use. Can I buy from someone here? Thanks.
  1. Madison WoodsPost author
    We don’t have any here at Wild Ozark, but you can try contacting some of the ones who left email addresses. To buy/sell across state lines you’ll need a dealer’s license to stay legal.
  • Connie
    I would like some infort, On becoming a Wild Ginseng Grower. If you or anyone you know can help please e-mail me at . I would like who to by seeds from, the best sellers in Ga and how long does it take to and is the price going up or down in the next year. If you can help a lady out it would really help out.
  1. Madison WoodsPost author
    Hi Connie,I don’t have information specific to GA, but if you live near any rural towns at the stores there’s usually someone who knows who buys for that area and there might be signs up on the windows. That’s how they do it out here. As for seeds, if no one in your area grows and sells seed, then you might have to go to the region nearest you to buy them. I live in AR but have to buy seeds in MO. It takes 5 years before the plants are legal to dig, but they’re still small then. 7-10 years is better. If you’re wanting to grow wild-simulated, and wanting to do it sustainably, you’ll want to grow your colonies out to at least 100 plants per colony and harvest less than half of the ones producing seeds. Some studies suggest in colonies this size even if all of the seed-producing plants are harvested, as long as all of the seeds from those plants are replanted, your ginseng will continue to thrive year after year. I prefer to take half or less and allow a colony of mixed ages to carry on. There’s a lot of different opinions on the best way to do this and as time goes by you’ll probably find a comfortable solution.As for prices, there’s no telling. China buys most of the wild and wild-simulated and how much they’re willing to pay is what determines the prices growers are given by buyers. This year several factors played into really low prices. Too many roots in the market, instability in Hong Kong, and some buyers even quit buying altogether.I have books at Amazon with lots of photos of ginseng and companion plants if you’re unsure of where to plant your seeds, and Sustainable Ginseng gives references to studies about the ideal colony sizes for sustainability.Good luck on your venture!

28 thoughts on “Ginseng Root Prices 2014”

  1. Came down with a cold, got some Ginger – 16 ounces (1 pound) was $1.29, (that is, one dollar twenty nine cents!) at the local Fancy Fruit store, in Casselberry, Florida.

    The roots are HUGE and beautiful in their round plumpness. One is over 7 inches long, another is 5 inches long. Third one is 6 inches long.

    I suspect the similar prices for Ginseng, if the massive collection and saturation of the market continues, because of supply / demand!

        1. Hi Brad, I emailed you Mill’s Ginseng link to his FB page. It’s the commenter a few comments up from yours (he left his link there too, in case anyone else is interested who’s reading this). He’s out of Harrison so maybe not too far away from you.

  2. im in west Virginia looking for a buyer I have approx. 2ib dried wild nice size looking for premium price if interested reply 900-1100 a pound the date today is 12/23/14

  3. The ginseng season started hot, but never really went any where. $500/dry pound pretty much all season long here in N.W. Arkansas. If you want to buy seed, Mills Ginseng offers a variety of medicinal plant seeds and roots. Ginseng, Goldenseal, Virginia Snakeroot, Star grub root, and Star grass root. If there is a product/information you want, let Mills Ginseng know and I’ll do my best to get it for you. I strive to be available year round to help, not just one that only shows up during ginseng season to buy then you don’t see me for the rest of the year.

    Do be careful selling across state lines if you don’t have the proper papers, and to people you don’t know. There can be stiff fines associated with that if you are caught. Not everything thing that glitters is gold…

    1. Thanks for adding your info, Trevor. I didn’t know you also offered seeds. I’ll have to add you to my resource list. Lots of people inquire about where they can seeds out here.

  4. I have never messed with ginseng. in fact never even knew what it looked like till that show started. But it got me thinking. I know where there is ginseng and would love to make money like everyone else digging it. But first things first. Where and how do i get the info I need to do so. Where would i even sell it at in the state of Louisiana. Do I have to be registered in anyway to even legally gig it or sell it or transport it? Lots of info I would love to read on. Any suggestions on how to get this info ? Any help is greatly appreciated.. Much love and respect from Louisiana.. xoxo

    1. Hi Crystal, it’s not as easy as they make it look on that show to make money digging ginseng. To get a whole pound, it’ll take about 300 plants, maybe more. If you’ve found ginseng in Louisiana, it’s a very rare thing out there and I hope you choose to be very protective of it rather than dig it until there’s enough so it can survive.

      As far as I know there’s only ginseng in one area of Louisiana, or at least it once grew there. But someone I know has planted it (on private property) and been successful growing it. If it’s growing wild or in a state or national forest, it may not be legal to dig. That I know of, there’s no buyers in Louisiana, either, and if you did dig some you’d need a license to export it to another state to sell. Virginia creeper looks a lot like ginseng and I know there’s plenty of that out there. If you get a chance I’d love to see pictures of the ginseng when you get back out to it later. Check with your Ag & Forest Office (http://www.ldaf.state.la.us/) for rules regarding ginseng laws in Louisiana – and you might have to go through several people in that department before you find someone who knows the answers or knows where to direct your questions.

      Would you mind if I post your question on my Ginseng FAQ ( https://www.wildozark.com/ginseng-faq/ ) page or the How to Find Ginseng ( https://www.wildozark.com/how-to-find-ginseng/ ) page? It’s a great topic and I hope to get feedback from others on your question, too.

  5. Thank you so much for the info Madison, Was very helpful. I would surely not want to just dig it up. Would want to learn about it first and will take pictures next time I am in the area for you. Thank you again for taking the time out your day to give me this info. Appreciate it so much. I now have a start at where to start reading to learn a little more about this. Thank you 🙂

  6. Looking for someone who buys in Arkansas to email me for the upcoming year crop. Interested in prices and options. Email me if interested.

  7. I am looking for past pricing history on wild ginseng. I would like prices going back to 2014. It is for a research paper in American History. If anyone could help with the past ten years of pricing for wild American Ginseng it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Jack, offhand I don’t know of anywhere with a list like that. Prices vary from state to state, though. Maybe if you contact the USDA office for whatever state you’re most interested in, they will have public records somewhere. Since the plant’s export is CITES regulated, it seems someone somewhere would have records. Or you would think.

  8. I know it’s not the season but can I harvest ginseng right now in February anyway and I know I can get in trouble if I go outside in the forest to look for can I get it

    1. Hi Salah, it is illegal right now to dig it. If you want to buy Wild roots from a seller it’s legal now, though. Email me if that’s something you’d be interested in and I can refer you to one of my trusted friends. Madison at wildozark dot com is the address. Thanks for dropping by the website 🙂

    2. If it were on your own property and you intended to use the roots and not sell them, the law might consider that differently. However, you’d have to know exactly where it was because there’s nothing to see to help find the plants right now – no greenery or stems or berries. It’s all underground.

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