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Apr 22 Inventory at Alpena Mercantile

Here’s what I’ll have with me at the Alpena Mercantile tomorrow (Apr 22). All of these are in pots. You can also reserve these to be picked up at the nursery by emailing me (), and I’ll update the list to strike out the sold out if I get the email this evening. Otherwise, I’ll update the list tomorrow to show remaining inventory on hand. There are many more first and second year ginseng seedlings, but I didn’t get much propagated of the others last fall. I’ll do more this fall. Bare root, which are the only way I ship them, won’t be available until Sep/Oct:

  • 1rst year ginseng seedlings (3) More next weekend
  • 2nd year ginseng seedlings (8) $7/ea
  • 3rd year ginseng (3) $10/ea Will flower next year if not this year
  • Wild Hydrangea (1) can bring more next weekend
  • Witch hazel (H. virginiana) (1) $10
  • Spicebush (1) $10
  • Trillium (T. recurvatum) (1) $10
  • Woods fern (2) $5/ea
  • Christmas fern (1) $10
  • Dutchmans Breeches (1) $10 flowers finished
  • Dwarf Crested Iris (1) $10
  • Goldenseal (1) $10 will have more next weekend
  • Bloodroot (2) $10/ea
  • Wild ginger (3) $10/ea

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