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Do you want to Buy Wild American Ginseng?

Wild Ozark is the place to make connections so you can buy wild American ginseng.

I’m happy to connect you with an ethical, responsible retailer who care about the plight and future availability of our endangered wild ginseng.

This is page isn’t for selling your roots. If you have roots you want to sell, leave a comment at the current year’s prices page. Here’s the link to the 2022 prices page. It’s a self-governed forum (for the most part) for diggers and dealers to communicate with each other.

 This page here is for people who want to buy WILD American ginseng for their own use or gifts. If you’re buying bulk or want to export more than a pound, you can also contact the buyers listed at this page, or email me for a personal email introduction to either of the dealers listed below (my email is ). Be sure to include the details of what you are seeking when you email me.

Wild Ozark Trusted Dealers:

US and International

The sellers I work with have the proper licenses to ship throughout the US and internationally.

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