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the pot 10 event was canceled due to weather

Pot 10 Keep 1 | Ginseng seedling Transplant Day

UPDATE: Canceled due to weather potential. Anytime there’s a 40% chance of thunderstorms and folks are traveling hours to get here, it’s a game of odds with potential wasted time and fuel cost. I usually let the parties traveling the greatest distance choose whether or not to take that chance when it’s an unclear forecast. Local attendees can wait and see.

Here’s the details nailed down so far. As always, the weather will dictate last-minute changes, so we’ll need to stay in touch the weekend of the event:

Join Me!

If you’d like to join me for my annual Pot 10 Keep 1 Transplant Day, email me! It’s tentatively scheduled for the first Sunday in May (May 7, 2023), weather permitting. I’ll add you to my email list for updates on it. Hours will be from 10-2, drop in or plan for the whole time. Stay as long as you want between those hours.

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