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Sowing seeds for 2023

I planted my seeds today. Fingers crossed there’s no extreme weather again next spring like the hailstorm we had in May this year! If you want me to add you to a notify list when it’s close to time to pick up potted plants (mid-May), let me know. Bare-root won’t ship out until fall, but if you’d like to get on a notify list for that, too, just email me and let me know.


Because of last year’s hail storm, there won’t be any potted 2nd year plants or bare root. The ones that *would* have been second year plants 2023 year were decimated by the hail last year.

More Photos

This year I’ll try to do more posts showing the habitat plants and the seedlings as they come up. I should have taken pics while I was putting out the seeds. I’ll try to do better 😉

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