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Ginseng Coffee and other “Wild Blends” from Wild Ozark

Ginseng Coffee from Wild Ozark

Unfortunately, we have found out that the state of Arkansas does not allow the roasting and selling of fresh roasted coffee without a permitted commercial kitchen. Therefore our delicious home-roasted Wild Ozark Blends and Coffees will only be available as gifts to friends and family from now on until, or unless, we invest in a permitted facility. If you know of information to the contrary about the selling or roasting of artisan coffees, please let me know.

Why home roasted and why ginseng coffee?

Because we  love it. We love the way it smells while we’re roasting it, love the way it smells when grinding, and absolutely love the flavor.  We love trying the various types of beans and whether it’s beans roasted to perfection alone or with our favorite additive to make ginseng coffee, it’s wonderful.

Ginseng coffee delivers a steady energy,  a better ability to focus and stay on task, and imparts a general feeling of well-being to my day*. Ginseng alone does this quite well, and coffee alone has numerous benefits too, but together they dance a very sexy tango. I love it.

Rob and I recently invested in a roaster to further pursue our obsession to have fresh, aromatic, ecstatically flavorful coffee. And now we can make enough to sell at the farmers market and through our online shop.

So we’ll have coffee in whatever iterations our imagination comes up with. Ginseng coffee using leaf or root, dandelion and chicory coffee, a sampling of different beans in plain (but never ordinary) coffee.

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*Ginseng and coffee together may have undesirable side-effects. Both are stimulating. Ginseng is an herb that has been used for many years for many things, but you should do your own research to determine if it is safe for you.

Most of the research has been performed using Panax ginseng, which is the Asian species. Our American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) may have similar stimulating properties.

Here’s a good website about the properties of ginseng that also covers the contraindications (why some people should not use ginseng): http://en.mr-ginseng.com/ginseng-panax/

The amount of ginseng leaf or root in our coffee blend is not considered a “high dose”, and we do not use extract of ginseng.

Wild Roast coffee from Wild Ozark is delicious!
Wild Roast from Wild Ozark is delicious!

Fresh Roast

If we don’t sell the current week’s roast, regardless of which “Wild Roast” it is,  before the end of the third day, those beans go in our freezer for us to use in our personal coffee. The whole point of “fresh roast” is for it to be “fresh”, right?

So that’s why we only roast them the way we ourselves like them. Because we don’t want to have to use the oily black, burnt beans if no one else buys them.

However, if you really like yours very light or very dark and want to prepay for a special batch, just email me.

Our packaging

We vacuum seal our coffee in 1/2 pound portions. If you buy a whole pound and it’s all in one bag, the entire bag begins to oxidize the minute you open the container or bag. This way, only half of the pound is exposed to air at one time.

We use sous vide bags. This is huge! The bags are freezable, boilable, and microwaveable. They are BPA free and manufactured in the USA.

Because all we did was put coffee in them, they haven’t been exposed to high heat at all. If you want to reuse them to cook in, just make a clean cut to dump out the beans or grounds, clean and dry the bag before filling it with the food of your choice. Then use your vacuum sealer to close them up.

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