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Summer 2021 Ginseng Update

This year has been a hectic one at Wild Ozark and I haven’t been able to devote as much time to the ginseng as I would have liked. There are still seedlings available in pots, but these are only for local pickup. In fall, I will have first year seedlings that will ship out. Email me if you’re interested in either at .

The mature plants have berries now, some are still just flowers. The berries will be red soon. The ginseng habitat garden here is still available for anyone who wants to come by and see ginseng and companion plants, and the look-alikes, growing in a natural environment. Email me if you’d like to set up an appointment for that.

For either looking at the habitat garden, or picking up plants, you’ll get to drive down one of the most scenic dirt roads in Madison county, Arkansas. Be aware that it is six miles of dirt road, with low-water bridges that flood when it rains enough. But I think you’ll enjoy the drive.

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