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When Does Ginseng Come Up? 2018 Ginseng Unfurling Watch

When does ginseng come up?

It’s always around this time of year when people start wondering. When does ginseng come up? Usually that happens here at Wild Ozark from mid- to late-April. Today is March 14, 2018. This is the page where I’ll post the photos of our wild-simulated and true wild ginseng unfurling as it begins the growing season of 2018.

I’ll have ginseng seedlings with me at the farmer’s market as soon as they’re ready to be potted. Watch the schedule calendar to know when I’ll be where and with what.

Check back here in April for the ginseng unfurling, or add this page to your feed readers. In the meantime, I’ll be posting pictures of the other native plants of Wild Ozark as they start to bloom. Those will be posted on the 2018 Spring Awakening Watch page.

Seedlings Unfurling

042218 – The first year seedlings began sporadically unfurling over the past few days. None of the older plants are up yet.

8 thoughts on “When Does Ginseng Come Up? 2018 Ginseng Unfurling Watch”

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  2. I checked last weekend hoping to see mine starting to pop-up, but knowing that I’m about a month early. I’m anxious due to my plants disappearing sometime last August. I checked on them late in July and they were beautiful with little white berries. When I checked them next, in early September, they were all missing. I was so looking forward to seeing the red berries! I do not think that I have been poached as there are no holes in the ground and my babies were only 1-3 years old. Being an optimist (or naive), I am hopeful the deer ate them and they will come back…


    1. Hi Willow! Yep, I’m always starting to look for them way earlier than I know they’ll be there. LOL, just can’t help it, can we? But, ginseng shouldn’t have white berries at any point in its life cycle. I wonder if maybe you had a different plant? Can you send me some pics of them from last year? Whatever it is, maybe the deer did eat them, and maybe they will be back. Fingers crossed!

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