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2021 Ginseng Prices discussion page.

2021 Ginseng Prices

Since 2014, I’ve hosted a page at my website for diggers and dealers to discuss current ginseng prices. I’m not a digger or a buyer or dealer. Wild Ozark has a good deal of suitable habitat for this endangered plant, and we are the only certified nursery grower in Arkansas. In addition to growing starter plants, we also grow companions and keep a dedicated space to teach others about the plant, the habitat, and how to restore or identify proper habitat to grow and steward American ginseng. My main line of business is smashing rocks, though. I’m an artist who makes paints and pigments from the colors of the Ozarks.

I’m still waiting on a few buyers to volunteer some forecasts for the buying season. In the meantime, please leave your comments, tips, and contact information in the comments below. If you get info on the 2021 ginseng prices in your neck of the woods, share it too.


If you’re a buyer and would like to be listed here, leave your info in the comments below and I’ll move it up here as soon as I get a chance. This list is for information purposes only. If you’re a digger, or someone who wants to buy ginseng for personal use and want my personal recommendations, please ?subject=ginseng buyers">email me. If I don’t have an established rapport with a dealer in your state, I’ll try to find the listings of buyers in your state for you.

Ginseng Laws

Remember, digging season doesn’t open until Sept. 1, check the laws for age in your state (it’s 5 years here in AR), and remember to plant any berries you find back in the place where the mother plant was. Our plants dropped their berries weeks ago now, so it’s unlikely any will be on the plants out here. Some states (I think MO) requires you to leave the tops attached so the plants can be inspected before you sell them. If any of you out there reading this know the details, or other states with rules like this, please comment below.

Future Forecasts

While I’m not sure about what the future holds for 2021 ginseng prices, I did hear that goldenseal root (dry) was going for good prices. Mills Ginseng is paying $65/lb on clean, dry goldenseal root, with no stem and $70/lb on 100+ lb lots. His email address is if you have some to sell in Arkansas and Missouri.


Wild Ozark Ginseng Habitat Nursery

If you’d like to restore some habitat for ginseng and want to add some companion plants to the mix, I’ll have some available next season (goldenseal maybe in October). I’d let my nurseryman’s license expire, but now it’s renewed. I’ve always had the ginseng nursery license though, and that will hopefully always be the case.

What’s available now: 2021 Ginseng Prices (first year seedlings)

I probably have about 50, maybe 100 seedlings left. These are first year, so next year when they come up, they’ll be 2nd year. Mail orders start going out in October, payments to reserve them now. Shipping is free, rootlets are $3/ea. I may have some goldenseal bare-root plants but I’ll have to go out and make sure that bed is still doing alright. It’s a bit of a hike out to it, and with the higher prices on them, someone might have gotten into it. I’ll be moving some closer to the Habitat Nursery this fall, though, so that won’t be such an issue going forward.

Happy Hunting! And remember to be a good steward.

31 thoughts on “2021 Ginseng Prices”

    1. Hi Randy,
      I have jut discovered wild ginseng on my WNC property. I replanted the red seeds.. looks like the plant was 14 yrs old by the rings on the neck. I have 4 or 5 additional plants that I have left alone as this is my first experience with ginseng.
      If you come across a buyer in Western NC please e-mail me as I will try to sell this first root .

  1. I’m looking to sell wild OLD MATURE ginseng I live in the blue ridge mountain region of va
    I have a good amount and hunt everyday please contact me at 4347717199 for pics

  2. James Wicker, Nature’s Wild Roots I am a Wild American Ginseng dealer. Licensed in TN and KY. Located in New Tazewell, TN. Claiborne County, East Tennessee. I also buy out of Middlesboro, Bell County KY.
    I have a Native Wild Plant Dealer license from TN Dept of Ag also. To end with the newest addition, One Farmer Organic Forest Farms. She will be organic certified next year. I can be found on my Facebook business page at Nature’s Wild Roots. Also the educational arm our Facebook group Nature’s Wild Roots – Educational. Any type of Goggle search pulls up alot of what I do and am attempting to do. Phone 865-585-3225, email,

    1. I would caution buying or selling from this guy ! He sold me 2pounds of ginseng @ $25/pound that did not germinate. When I called him , he said he would ship me 2more pounds, he didn’t. Called him the next week and he said he forgot and would get it out, didn’t do that either. Emailed him again and he said he forgot and didn’t want to send mid week because it generally doesn’t turn out good if left in post office. He said he wood pay extra postage for me to receive it by Wednesday of the next week,, guess what he never sent it ! Nothing but lies from his mouth. When I emailed the final time he told me “go kick rocks” and that my mouth had got me in trouble. No that sounds real intelligent coming from a guy that has an educational facebook page (Natures Wild Roots). I think his mouth got him in trouble !!! I called ,ordered, and paid for seed , I did everything I said I would. In return ,he sold me bad seed, said he would replace it 3 times and never did ! I would cation anyone who deals with him , I think he is a scammer, I should of known when he was selling seed so cheap! If it’s to good to be true, that’s because it’s probably not ! Caution,Beware !

      1. Hi Wade, thanks for the words of warning. I hope James drops in to share his response. Were the seeds stratified? $25/lb for stratified seed is extremely low priced and would definitely make me suspicious unless there was an explanation as to why offered so cheap. If they didn’t dry out, then they may sprout over the next few years, so all may not be lost.

        1. Yes, they where stratified, or at least James told me that I should say. But that might have been a lie also. I don’t know.

  3. I’ve been slow to post this year but I can tell you that the harvest is less than normal. This can’t hurt prices. I am currently paying $180 fresh and $725 dry for good quality roots.
    Many of you know that I’ve had a rough year fighting cancer and ballance issues but I’m back on both feet and going as string as I can. Many sent well wishes. Thank you for that. Terry

    1. Terry, I’m glad to hear you are back on your feet! Thanks for coming by to comment your current prices. I went ahead and listed you in the buyers section, so I hope you didn’t mind 😀 Figured you’d let me know if you wanted to opt out of it this year. Out here in the Ozarks, I can imagine the harvest is lower too. Seems not too many in my local area are even digging this year.

    2. Terry, didn’t realize you had any health issues. Glad you’re doing better now. I decided to let my seng grow one more year…next year i plan on digging everything i have that’s ready, and selling it all to you…hope the rest of your season goes well and that you healthy. God blesd.
      Leon D.

      1. Hi dear i need your help
        now i buy stratified amircan ginsing seed in amazone
        i want grow in afghanistan for try so please add me
        what i do for soil codition
        my whatassp 0093700209601

    1. Hi, I’m not sure how you would buy it if there aren’t any sellers in your area. If you are wanting to buy some for using as an individual, that’s a different channel than what we’re talking about here. On this page, it’s about the people who dig it selling to the buyers who then sell it on to a larger buyer. I’ll see if I can find someone who ships small quantities to Liberia.

      1. I Live in Newport Tennessee my first year here and my first time ever seeing ginseng..I ended up with around 10 lbs Green tho I didn’t sell all of it green but I totaled right at 2500$ fro 2021

  4. My name is Melissa.. I live in Pulaski,TN.. I have some nice big ginseng that I dug this year.. but I can’t seem to find dealer in this area buying it.. can someone please help me out.. I hate to kill these big beautiful plants.. if I can’t sell there roots.. I know where there is a lot more, but I’m hesitating on digging it.. until I know I have a buyer.. I rather just watch it grow.. some of them I know are 40+ year old plants.. if anyone could help me out May God Bless You.. Thank You

    1. Hi Melissa, I hope someone gets in touch. If you don’t find anyone soon, try contacting Terry Manley. His information is above and he might buy from out of state, not sure. At least he may know someone in your area who does.

    2. Hi Melissa,
      i would like to buy good quality wild ginseng, if u have on hand, let me know how i can contact with u ,thanks

  5. As of October 23, 2021 Mills Ginseng is offering $175/lb for damaged fresh ginseng, $200/lb for average fresh ginseng, $250/lb for fresh ginseng 1+ oz/2+ inch neck, $300/lb for fresh ginseng 2+oz/3+ inch neck. Dry is bought on lot average. Current price is $500/lb for average lots. Big, old, bulby dry lots will of course bring more. We are licensed to buy ginseng in Arkansas and Missouri.

    We are offering $66/lb. on clean dry goldenseal roots. We can buy these via mail or we can buy direct in northern Arkansas, southern Missouri, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, and most of the western half of Kentucky.

    1. All the locals sell to the folks at
      North Cove Ski Rental (18465 HWY 221N) in Marion, NC. Their Facebook is listed under “Buying Wild NC Mountain Ginseng”…if you’re into that sorta thing. Or you can give em a call. .
      (828) 756-4446. They are also set up to buy “in town”, by the CVS, on the 5 Lane, if you don’t fancy a trip quite so far up the mountain. They buy Star Root also. Hope that helps anyone in the 828 area… y’all be good, or be good at it.

  6. I’m located in Eastern Kentucky and looking for someone still buying ginseng. Got 12lbs. Of nice Wolfe, Lee, and Breathitt County sang. I’ll bring it anywhere In Kentucky for a good price. Thanks ya’ll

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