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Welcome to the 2020 Ginseng Prices Page. Be a good steward and there will always be American ginseng for future generations.

2020 Ginseng Prices

Since 2014, I’ve hosted a page at my website for diggers and dealers to discuss current ginseng prices. I’m not a digger or a buyer or dealer. Wild Ozark has a good deal of suitable habitat for this endangered plant, and we are the only certified nursery grower in Arkansas. In addition to growing starter plants, we also grow companions and keep a dedicated space to teach others about the plant, the habitat, and how to restore or identify proper habitat to grow and steward American ginseng. My main line of business is smashing rocks, though. I’m an artist who makes paints and pigments from the colors of the Ozarks.

Who and What this Page is For

This is the official kickoff for the 2020 Ginseng Prices. It’s for diggers and dealers to exchange information and comments, tips, etc. It’s not a useful page for those who wish to buy ginseng for personal use, as we are not discussing retail prices here, but trade/industry prices. If you’re looking for somewhere to buy wild American ginseng, and you’re NOT a digger, you’ll find some information at this page.


This year everyone is wondering how the global current events are going to affect the American ginseng trade and our 2020 ginseng prices. So far, I haven’t gotten any reports or tips. If you’ve heard news, please post it in the comments here and if you have sources to back it up, give a link to the article. If you’re a dealer, buyer, or digger, please leave comments to share whatever trade news you have from your part of the country. If you need buyer info, make sure you say at least what part of what state you’re in, because that matters. Don’t give out your home address. Email addresses are okay, though, and I have plugins on this site that should prevent scrapers from sending you spam. Buyers, feel free to list your contact info here, along with letting readers know what part of what state you’re in, too.

Current Events May Affect Ginseng Prices

I’d love to have some forecasts to offer. If you have connections to information that will be interesting to readers, please share it. Recent events include the largest seizure of American ginseng in Hong Kong. This wasn’t the first seizure of the year, either. This may or may not have any impact. Covid-19, Hong Kong’s relationship with China, and global protests are other types of events that might impact prices and/or market. I am not connected to that end of the business enough to know anything any sooner than the rest of us will… namely, by seeing what the opening prices are and whether they go up or down after that point, lol.

So Here’s Kicking Off the 2020 Ginseng Prices Conversations…

Don’t be shy – go first if no one has commented yet. That’ll get others more likely to comment too.

4 thoughts on “2020 Ginseng Prices”

  1. Thanks for doing this, Madison! This is going to be an important year for ginseng, and your dedication to hosting a open and honest space for information and education is essential. Thanks for being a wonderful steward of ginseng and it’s communities! 🌱💚🌱

    1. Thanks Sara. You should leave a link where people can find your information, too. If I knew it off the top of my head I would… but I don’t, lol. Sorry!

  2. Hello Madison. Thank you for all you do. Ginseng was very strong last season but by the second week of December the market went south. Several I know of are still holding inventory. The opening price in September will definitely be conservative. I’m anxious to buy bc that’s what I do. But at what price? Prolly $500 dry and $160 fresh but don’t hold me to that. Mainland China and Hong Kong are still not on the same page. Trumps trade war also has an affect. And worse yet is covid 19. I’ll update as I can but it’s hard to get a grip at this time. (Note added by Madison: Terry is an Indiana buyer and can be reached at ).

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