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Privacy Policy

Wild Ozark’s Privacy Policy

We care about your visit with us and want your experience to be free of viruses, malicious advertisements and spam.

Our website and shopping experience is protected with a security certificate from Comodo. You can check the validity of our certificate here. You can also find out more about our security measures by holding your mouse over or clicking the green lock image at the beginning of the URL to this page.

We do the best we can to ensure your visit with us is free of spammy or hacker or viral influences. In the event our security is breached, we’ll correct the matter as soon as humanly possible and post a notification of the nature of the incident on this page below this paragraph.

Updates, Incidents & Corrections:

  • As of 08/01/16 no hacks or malicious viruses have been detected.
  • 10-13-16, renewed SSL certificate
  • 05-30-18 no issues


We do collect statistical information using Statcounter, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. This information is cookie-based and only serves to help me in my marketing efforts by providing the information that users want to read here at our website. For example, statistics can tell me frequently used keywords and search terms that bring visitors to this site. If visitors arrive for answers to certain questions that I have not already addressed, it lets me know I should do so. This provides a better user experience when visiting this site and in no way compromises the privacy of the individual.

Email Addresses

Bottom line: We do not trade or sell your email addresses, ever.

More details: We do collect email addresses as part of the logging in experience of WordPress and for our mailing address. The email addresses for the mailing list are used by a third-party site (at this time it is Mailchimp) only to facilitate the mailing of our newsletters. They are not used by Mailchimp in any other way. We may use the addresses to contact our blog followers or our mailing list from time to time for things other than the newsletter, but this is not ordinary or commonly done.

Following the blog or signing up for the newsletter is always (or should be) a two-step process. An email is sent to the subscriber to verify that they have indeed signed up for the notifications. This is an opportunity to opt-out if you decide you’d rather not be included in mailings. At the end of every newsletter there is also a link to unsubscribe or opt out of the list.

When you buy a product from the Wild Ozark Online Shop, your email address is collected in order to send any digital products or the purchase receipt for your purchased items. I may contact previous buyers with updated information pertaining to the item they purchased, if I think that information is necessary or will be of interest to them, but this isn’t frequent or regular.

Our email and physical mailing lists are not for sale or trade and are not shared with any third party except for the facilitation of newsletters via Mailchimp.

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