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Ginseng Companion Plants

As I make posts or create pages about the habitat and companion plants, I’ll post a link to them here. You’ll find some of them are already linked in the list below.

These are plants that grow in the same habitat as ginseng. They’re called “Ginseng Companion Plants” and also sometimes “Ginseng Indicator Plants”. Most of them have a wider range of sunlight or other environmental tolerances than ginseng. Maidenhair and Christmas ferns can both tolerate more shade than ginseng. Two plants that I’ve only found in the ginseng habitat are Doll’s Eyes and Blue Cohosh.

We live in the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas, so there may be some different plants in other parts of the country where ginseng is native. If you noticed other plants or have found some that are always in the same habitat, please leave a comment to tell us about it and mention what part of the country you’re writing from.

Thanks in advance for your contributions to making this website more informative to readers!

The Plants That Make up a Ginseng Habitat

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