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2023 ginseng prices discussion

2023 Ginseng Prices

It’s a question I’m already seeing, and the plants haven’t even unfurled yet this year … what are the 2023 ginseng prices going to be? As I see posts from buyers, I’ll add them to this page. If you hear anything, please drop a comment with your intel. Feel free to share speculations in the comments, though!

In Arkansas, the digging season begins September 1. Buying season starts 2 weeks later. This is a forum for diggers and dealers to ask questions and communicate with each other. It’s a meeting space for those in the industry to share information with all of us about the markets and prices across the ginseng-growing regions.

Note: The prices you see discussed here are NOT the prices you should expect if you are buying ginseng for personal consumption. These are the wholesale prices that dealers give to diggers.

Diggers, please share what prices you’ve found in your part of the country or post a comment to find a dealer. Just mention your county/state, not your exact location.

Dealers, if you’d like to comment with your contact information so diggers can find you, please do. If you ship internationally and sell retail, that’s good information to list as well.

We’re all anxiously waiting to see what this year’s market will do. Speculations, rumors, and hearsay are great for discussing but everyone should DYOR (do your own research) and verify before taking any small talk to heart.

Please join in the conversations. Comments are open!

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