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Second Annual “Pot 10 Keep 1” Ginseng Seedling Event – 2018

Updates to the Pot 10 Keep 1

This event has already come and gone. The weather turned out to be fantastic! We had a great day for hanging out in the woods potting up seedlings. Thank you to everyone who attended. We’ll do it again next year!

What’s it all about?

Wild Ozark is the only certified American ginseng nursery in Arkansas (that I know of). Last year was the first “Pot 10 Keep 1” ginseng seedling event and it was a great success, so I decided to do it again!

From 10 am to 2 pm on May 6, you’re invited to come out to the nursery and help me pot up seedlings. I sell the seedlings at farmers markets and online. It’s part of my Wild Ozark business. You’ll get to keep one plant for every 10 you pot up. You don’t have to get there at 10 or stay until 2. I’ll just be out there during that time frame on that day and the gate will be open.

What’s in it for you?

Aside from getting to keep some of the fruits of your labor, you’ll get to learn to identify the seedlings and tell them apart from the look-alikes. In the same area (my Ginseng Habitat Garden), there are more mature plants and other look-alikes. So you’ll get to see American ginseng in an almost natural habitat.

The Ginseng Habitat Garden is a restored habitat. It was once logged and the location has recovered enough to support this endangered plant once again. I’m transplanting companion plants to this spot, building trails and I use it for the ginseng nursery as well. It’s open by appointment to anyone interested in ginseng, especially those who want to learn how to do something similar on their own land.

Pot 10 Keep 1 ginseng seedling day

When and Where?

On May 6 – tentatively. You’ll have to sign up for the “Pot 10 Keep 1” mailing list so I can let you know about last minute changes. The weather in spring is unpredictable. The garden/nursery is on the other side of a small creek. When it rains too much, the creek isn’t so small anymore and it makes crossing it hazardous.

Wild Ozark’s Ginseng Habitat Garden is located between Red Star and Kingston. It’s a long dirt road to get here, and there is no cell phone signal once you leave the Kingston town square. With the mailing list, I’ll send everyone the directions to get here about a week before the event.

There will also be a liability waiver to sign. The natural hazards of the wilderness exist here and everyone will be responsible for their own safety and well-being. It is not handicap accessible, because we have to cross a rocky creek. However, if you are handicap and want to join us, I can bring seedlings across for you to work with in a safe location.

Where do I sign up? How much does it cost?

This year’s event is already over, but watch for announcements for next year. It’s completely free. If you want to buy plants before you leave, you’re welcome to do so but are not required.


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