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Learn About Ginseng – Presentations & Workshops

Do you have a group that wants to learn about ginseng? I love talking about ginseng! Click here to see currently scheduled appearances and workshops.

Various ways to learn about ginseng

There are a couple of different ways to approach the ginseng topic, depending on the interest of the audience and I’m open to suggestions if you have other ideas. A full day can be made of the presentation/workshop, with all of the below topics covered and a field trip, to boot. This would require someone hosting or participating in the workshop to have property where we can hike around to look for proper habitat, and it works best if there are potentially some good sites on the property.

The various programs are outlined below. If you’d like to discuss something a little different than what I’ve proposed, just email me at !


One and 1/2 Hours

This presentation with slides, show and tell, and Q&A, is geared for nature and conservation groups who want to learn about ginseng habitat and wild-simulated growing.

Show notes and transcript:

Whole Day Workshop

this requires property to use for the field trip. It’s a great way to learn about ginseng:

  • Introduction to American Ginseng (History and Background)
  • Where to Find or Grow (Understanding the Preferred Habitat)
    • Which slopes will work
    • Type of trees and companion plants
    • Examining soil structure
  • How to Grow Wild-Simulated
    • The differences between growing methods
    • How the method affects whether you’ll be able to sell the roots as wild in the end
    • how to grow and harvest in a sustainable way
    • Understanding genetic pollution
    • Where to order seeds
    • When to plant seeds or rootlets
    • How deep to plant and in what way


I like to keep costs affordable for most people, but have to keep my own costs in mind. There is a 5 person minimum. These prices apply to northwest Arkansas only. For locations farther away there will be travel expenses.

  • For the short presentation, the fee is $25/person
  • Full Day Workshops with site assessment hike is $50/person with a 5 person minimum. The site assessment location must be either a participant’s land or other nearby suitable location.

To discuss pricing by the event instead of per person, please email me at .



If you’d like to book a talk/presentation for your group please use the form below or email me.

ginseng through the seasons line drawing
Line drawing from the USDA, NRCS. 2015. The PLANTS Database (https://plants.usda.gov, 5 July 2015). National Plant Data Team, Greensboro, NC 27401-4901 USA.

Contact form:
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Learn about ginseng with Wild Ozark and Madison Woods! Pic: 4-prong Ginseng with Flowers and berry
4-prong Ginseng with Flowers and berry
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